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Commercial Testimonials


With hundreds of happy customers, Heritage Contractng's solid track record speaks for itself - but our satisfied customers can say it even better than we can. Read on and discover why our customers turn to Heritage Contracting when they're ready.... knowing we're ready!

"We were very impressed with Heritage's dedication to our project... it was great knowing that whenever an unexpected issue arose, Heritage handled it calmly and efficiently. It is so refreshing to have a contractor who cared as much as Heritage did."


Another Happy Heritage Contracting Customer - Spotsylvania, VA



"The selection of a contractor is critical in any design and construction project... Heritage provides a personal approach throughout the entire project. The principals are involved from the initial budget throughout. Heritage keeps their clients informed in a professional manner that places them at the top of my recommendation list."


Another happy Heritage Contracting Customer - Stafford, VA

"We would personally like to thank Heritage Contracting for an outstanding effort on this recently completed project. The project involved a very aggressive schedule to be completed in just two short months. As a result of a total team effort, the project was completed well before schedule and without cutting corners or a reduction in quality. They also were able to stay within Budget! I highly recommend Heritage Contracting!"


Another happy Heritage Contracting Customer - Fredericksburg, VA

"Heritage was exceptional throughout the process of our project. Heritage has also been very cost conscious - working consistently which kept our costs as low as possible. Heritage has been very flexible in the scheduling of our project, working with us on a day-to-day basis, and even scheduled to work on in the evenings or the weekends to limit the distraction to our staff. The working relationship with Heritage has been excellent every step of the way. The level of trust we continue to have with Heritage is unquestioned."


Another happy Heritage Contracting Customer - King George, VA

"Heritage Contracting's team was amazing! They were aware of our financial structure and focus on cost efficiencies without compromising their quality and delivered an exceptional project. Hats off to Heritage Contracting!"


Another happy Heritage Contracting Customer - Richmond, VA

"Heritage Contracting is a core group of dedicated professionals, who, use the latest and most innovative techniques available to successfully guide the completion of a project,. The fact that Heritage Contracting is a family owned business is always evident. As we look forward to a continuing relationship with Heritage, we absolutely recommend their services to any client who has a commercial construction project."


Another Happy Heritage Contracting Customer - Orange, VA

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