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Excavation can be a messy job and it can be even messier if it is not performed properly. You need a service provider that knows how to carefully and properly excavate any land area without causing unnecessary damage to your property or the surrounding structures. Heritage Contracting is an expert Excavation Contractor with a reputation for honesty, reliability, and exceptional work. Heritage Contracting is one of the most respected and reliable "Class A" Contractors in the area providing expert quality service for the past 30 years. Heritage Contracting is Virginia RLD licensed. With an eye toward affordability, we will guide you from start to finish through your project, finding solutions that ensure your excavating is a permanent success. We perform excavating services for the following: Utilities Excavation, Drainage Excavation, Pool Excavation, Foundations and Basement Excavation, and much more. We are certified for Drain Field - able to handle the easiest or most advanced job. Heritage Contracting offers excavation services throughout Central Virginia.


If you're looking for a professional excavation service contractor in Fredericksburg or the surrounding areas, then please give us a call today for a free estimate.

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